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Tips For Proper Home Appliance Maintenance

Home appliances play a significant role around the house—from cooking to cleaning and keeping the family comfortable all day. Because of this, it’s essential to keep them maintained. Not only does this help keep your units running smoothly, but it also prevents safety hazards if anything gets busted. So, here are some care tips to help you with your home appliances:


A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances at home as it keeps your food and other perishable items fresh and kept at the right temperature. You can keep it in good shape by taking note of these tips:

  • Always check the rubber gasket seal along with the door of your fridge. This seal keeps the warm air out and allows your refrigerator to function properly. If it’s already cracked, it needs to be replaced.
  • Refrain from overloading your refrigerator. Doing this makes your unit work harder to maintain its temperature, which leads to a breakdown.
  • Inspect your condenser coils. If dust and debris accumulate around the coils, it puts stress on your unit and causes it to overheat. If you need help with cleaning, you can call a professional.

Washing Machines

Having a washing machine makes washing and drying clothes more manageable and more convenient. Here are some suggestions to help keep your unit in good shape.

  • Keep your machine on level ground. If there is too much vibration during washing, it causes damage and contributes to its wear and tear.
  • Measure your detergent. Putting in too much causes the detergent to settle at the bottom of your machine, which causes mold growth. 
  • Check the machine’s hose regularly since it’s prone to cracking and leaking over time. If a problem is found, replace your hose right away.


A dishwasher is another frequently used appliance at home. Not only does it save time, but it also prevents dishes from breaking. Avoid issues with your dishwasher through these tips.

  • Remember to clean your filters at least once a month. Doing this avoids clogs due to the build-up of debris or food waste. The type of filter depends on your unit, so checking the manual or having a professional help you is more efficient.
  • Load your dishes correctly. Checking the correct settings for the items you’ll load and taking time to remove excess grease from containers helps your machine function properly. It’s also important not to overload the machine, so it doesn’t break down.

Seek Help From a Maintenance Expert

Knowing a few maintenance tips helps keep your appliances in good working condition. But if you notice any issues or problems, it’s best to call an expert. Call us at Appliance Connection in Birmingham, LA, for home appliances maintenance services.

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