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What to Do When You Need Fridge or Freezer Repair

Appliance Connection has a team of professional technicians on hand to provide solutions to your fridge and freezer problems. Whether the fridge door seals seem loose or your freezer is filled with ice, we have the solution when you need refrigerator or freezer repair in Birmingham, AL or the surrounding areas. We are reliable, consistent, and truly care for your needs. Plus, when your fridge or freezer no longer works, we also sell appliances and perform installations, so we will gladly replace your old model with a new, upgraded one.

The Best Ways to Avoid Refrigerator Repair

Maintaining your appliances on a regular basis is the best way to avoid fridge repair in Birmingham, AL. At Appliance Connection, we recommend attending to your fridge at least a few times a year with these maintenance tips.

Clean Your Fridge

This is the most critical part of maintaining your fridge and is relatively simple to achieve. Clean both the inside of your fridge and the condenser coils on the back for optimal performance. Plus, it will feel nice to have a clean fridge without the evidence of odors or stains from old food.

Maintain the Temperature

Keeping the temperature at a consistent 37 or 38 degrees will help your food stay cool and the refrigerator function optimally. Your freezer should be kept at 0 degrees.

Check the Door

The door of your refrigerator should close and seal properly. If you notice the door won’t shut, check to make sure nothing is blocking it first, then examine the seal. The door seal should also be cleaned every now and then to ensure proper functionality.

Fill It Regularly

Do your best to retain a full fridge. When your fridge is empty, heat will creep in when you open the door, as typically the food inside the fridge helps hold the cold air.

Eventually, you may still require refrigerator repair in Birmingham, AL. If you do, give Appliance Connection a call!

What’s Wrong With Your Freezer?

Are you concerned about the functionality of your freezer? Check to see if you recognize any problems listed below.

Poor Cooling

First, if your freezer is not cool enough, check the thermostat to ensure the temperature is correct. If this is not the problem, the seals on the freezer may be compromised or there may be a problem with internal components. An appliance repair technician will be able to diagnose the issue if that’s the case.

Ice Accumulation

This is one of the most common problems with freezers and could be caused by any number of reasons. Some of the simplest include the possibility that the door is not closing all the way or the defrosting mechanism is not working properly. The thermostat could also be the culprit here.

Weird Sounds

When mechanical components fail, sometimes loud noises are the clearest indication that you need freezer repair in Birmingham, AL.


You may notice water pooling by the base of your fridge or freezer. If this is the case, it could be a function of your freezer defrosting too frequently or excess ice build-up, resulting in the blockage of the defrost drain. Leaks can lead to damage around your home, like warped floorboards, so make sure you address this problem quickly by calling Appliance Connection.

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