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Do you need assistance with a broken appliance? For residents of Hoover, whether you live in Caldwell Crossings, Williamsburg, or Ross Bridge, Appliance Connection is a clear choice. We deliver quality, consistent appliance repair service in Hoover and have done so for over 40 years. Our team is full of highly trained technicians with the expertise necessary to repair most major brands and models of appliances. From stoves and ovens to washers and dryers, we fix the appliances you use most to improve your normal routines and make your life convenient.

When it’s time to replace an old appliance, you can rely on us too for appliance sales and installations! For a full rundown of our services, continue reading or contact us and speak to a waiting representative.

Why You Need Professional Oven & Stove Repair

Ovens and stoves don’t just repair themselves and are tricky to fix on a DIY basis. No matter whether you have a gas or electric model, both include connections that can be dangerous to handle if you don’t have the proper expertise.

Gas leaks are harmful to any humans or animals on your property, in some severe cases becoming lethal. Handling leaking gas connections should be left up to professionals. In addition, problems with electrical wiring and elements may lead to fires or electrocution if not approached with care and expertise. Heating elements are also dangerous, as high temperatures and burners could burn you, especially in scenarios where the heating components in your oven or stove will not turn off.

Common Questions About Dishwasher Problems

Our customers often come to us with questions about dishwasher repairs like the following:

Why won’t my dishwasher turn on?

There are many reasons why this might happen. Check your electrical panel to ensure no switches have been tripped or fuses blown. This could also happen due to a problem with the door latch, which is typically easy to fix. However, it may also happen when the dishwasher’s wiring is faulty, which may be harder to address and requires professional appliance repair in Hoover.

Why won’t my dishwasher drain?

This is likely due to a clogged drain hose, but other problems like a malfunctioning drain pump are possible as well. Cleaning your dishwasher’s drain on a regular basis can help avoid issues like this one.

Can fixing my dishwasher help get my dishes cleaner?

The short answer here is yes. Fixing your dishwasher should improve its operational standard, which will make your dishes come out cleaner. If you notice a residue constantly sticking to your dishes and glassware, there may be problems with your spray arm. So, if you’re unhappy with your dishwasher’s performance, give the team at Appliance Connection a call for help with appliance repair in Hoover, AL.

Signs That Your Refrigerator or Freezer Needs Repair

If you are not sure when you need refrigerator or freezer repair, the list below should be a helpful guide:

Your fridge and freezer make it possible to keep food cool year-round, even with hot summer temperatures reaching into the 90s in Hoover. So, call us at the first sign that something is going wrong, so we can fix it before it gets worse.

How to Maintain Your Washer & Dryer

It’s easier to avoid washing machine or dryer repair if you follow these steps to maintain your appliances:

What to do When You Need Appliance Parts

Sometimes a fix is relatively simple, and you need a specific part to complete it. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, quick access to appliance parts can turn a tricky problem into a simple appliance repair in Hoover, AL. The pros at Appliance Connection sell appliance parts for major brands like Speed Queen and Viking, sometimes offering a turnaround time as fast as 24 to 48 hours. And, of course, if you need parts or full appliance repair, we have the ability and expertise to complete these services as well.

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